Introduction Letter by Dave McMullian, NCR President

On behalf of the North Central Region of the National Model Railroad Association, I would like to welcome you to North Central Crossing, our 2013 annual convention. The event is sponsored and presented by Division 8 in Troy and promises to be an action-packed weekend. Your hosts have planned some innovative twists in both venue and programming. I want to particularly encourage those of you who may be new to the hobby, or who have never attended one of our conventions to take a close look at the North Central Crossing agenda and activities. From layout tours to clinics, contests, and operating sessions, you’ll find great opportunities to meet other modelers, improve your skills, and just have fun! For our convention “regulars”, you know what to expect from an NCR convention, and Division 8 will bring us a first class program. Your hosts will be updating this site as new information becomes available, so please save it and check back often. I’ve blocked the dates on my calendar and I hope you will join me at North Central Crossing in November.

See ya on down the line,

Dave McMullian, President, North Central Region

Introduction Letter by John Jackson, Convention Chair

Welcome to the North Central Crossings 2013 Website!! North Central Crossings 2013 is our North Central Region’s annual convention. The host committee is very excited and looking forward to your attendance this year!! We are proud to be providing you with a wide selection of activities from Clinics to model and photo contests, to modular/display layouts, to prototype tours, to layout tours and a week long series of ops sessions. And as always the camaraderie of your fellow model railroaders, so take a look around at our site! Let us know if you have any questions!! See you in November!!!

John Jackson, North Central Crossings 2013 Chair and Division 8 Superintendent

Clinics;  Larry Wolohon

North Central Crossings 2013 will offer a variety of clinics all day on Friday and Saturday. Times will be posted soon on the clinics page. We plan on including clinics on make & take, prototype modeling, operations ideas & others. The clinics offered will be presented by our own NCR experts as well as nationally known clinicians including Miles and Fran Hale.

Contests; Joel Goldberg

The North Central Crossings 2013 will be offering model and photo contests this year. With a large space available, we hope to have all of you bring models and/or photographs for the contests. While offering the traditional NMRA model and photo contests, we are also offering an independent “PEOPLE’S CHOICE” award as well.

Entries will be accepted on Friday from noon until 6:00 p.m., and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. until noon. Judging will start at noon and conclude around 1:30 or 2:00, depending on the number of entries. Models and photos may be picked up after 4:00 p.m. on Saturday.

Silent Auction; Chuck White

Want to get rid of your "White Elephant" Model Railroad items without going through the hassles of selling them? Times to be posted soon on the Silent Auction page.

Please go to the Silent Auction page for important instructions to both sellers and buyers!

A silent Auction is new to North Central Region Conventions and hope to make auctions an annual event. See you at North Central Crossings Silent Auction!

Tours-Prototype; Dean Pyers and Charlie Woodbury

We will be offering plant tours of the Detroit Newspaper Agency printing plant in Sterling Heights, which receives rolls of newsprint by rail. The Packard Proving Grounds museum in Shelby Township will also offer guided tours for our group (no Rail service, but this is the Motor City, after all). We have also arranged for a tour of the Ford Motor Company Piquette Avenue Assembly Plant, where the Model T was created in the neighborhood around the famed "Milwaukee Junction" railroad yards & crossing. The Michigan Transit Museum in Mt Clemens will have regular visiting hours from 1 to 4 on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Please visit the Prototype Tours page to sign up for tours now!


Layout Tours; Phil Doolittle

Whether you like to visit layouts for inspiration, to see trains run, or because you like the company and enjoy cookies and conversation, we've got layouts to please your fancy! Within an hour’s drive of the convention site several "must see" layouts will be open for tour. How many? Well, what constitutes "must see" for you? Some are well known for being featured in magazines, some are compact examples of exquisite modeling, some are in early stages but well on their way to become major empires, some feature realistic operations, some model current railroading, some firmly and proudly anchored when steam ruled. Long trains, short trains, HO, N, S, O or larger, mountains, flatlands, local, out east, out west – we've probably got it. Enjoy the variety in layouts that the North Central Crossings convention provides just for you!

Op Sessions: Marv Linke

Geared towards the novice, North Central Crossings will offer plenty of opportunities to participate in operating sessions. We plan for the week prior to the convention (October 25th thru November 1st) as many sessions as possible. (This may be extended to two weeks) If you would like to learn how railroads operate, different types of operating schemes, and operating procedures and etiquette this is your chance. Remember you do not need any previous experience! Meet the layout owners, have fun, and get educated about operations.